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(no subject)
Masked Man
LiveJournal Username
My favourite color is...
If I could eradicate a HP house it would be...
Do you like a cougar, a fox, a rabbit, or a falcon
Elitist mercenary or human rights activist?
Loyal and true or pseudo-intellectual?
Snape or McGonagall?
I am tidy / I am a mess
I went to a midnight release of a HP movie
She has to admit it, she's Slytherinkeep_them_safe
Oh no! You eradicarted every house!capturedworlds
The animals scampered and hid from youava_milania
Is a 'humane elitist mercenary'thepainted_lady
She's a true intellect and a mary sue!!!missfreeze81
Learning Sectumsempra from Master Snapecapturedworlds
Belongs in the Netherlands *squeak*keep_them_safe
HP cosplay at midight showings...Geeeek!!!keep_them_safe
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